The ABCs of Hydrangea Propagation

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Once you get the hydrangea bug, you are going to want more. Their big, bouncy blooms are a lovely landscape feature and make for a long-lasting cut flower. However, unless you have an unlimited budget to buy your heart?s content, hydrangeas can get pricey. Never fear, there is an option to satisfy your gardening habit while saving you hundreds of dollars: hydrangea propagation.

propagating hydrangeas

The Magic of Hydrangea Cuttings

What is this magical solution? For hydrangea propagation, you can multiply your current plant through cuttings. It?s an inexpensive way to obtain a brand new plant without much effort. Sure, if you have a gardener friend that wants to share plants with you, by all means, take them.

However, if you have a special species of hydrangea that you can?t find at your local nursery anymore, you can ?make a copy? of your plants from cuttings. It?s also a great way to share your garden collection with others or save an old, partially diseased, or damaged plant. If you make enough successful plants from cuttings, you can even .

How to Grow Hydrangeas from Cuttings

Taking a cutting isn?t as simple as grabbing a pair of pruners, chopping off a piece of the plant, and sticking it in soil. There?s a proper way to do it in order to get successful hydrangea babies! Here?s how to propagate hydrangeas.

Making a Cut for plant propagation

Select Cuttings

The first step in hydrangea propagation is selecting the right cuttings. Look for healthy, stocky, growing tips with (relatively) closely spaced foliage. Avoid diseased or insect-infested parts of the plant.

You also need to know the difference between greenwood, semi-ripe, or hardwood cuttings. As a general rule, greenwood cuttings are taken in late spring or early summer, semi-ripe in late summer, and hardwood in fall or winter.

For hydrangeas, you will want to use softwood cuttings. Since hydrangeas bloom from old wood, you want to select the newest growth. Try to choose a stem that has no flowers on it if possible.

The best time of year to take hydrangea cuttings is from spring to late summer. You want to make sure you have lush leaves, regardless of the season. The plants need time to develop roots before they go dormant for the winter.

Types of wood for hydrangea propagation by cuttings

How to Take Cuttings

You will need a sharp tool (knife or ) that has been disinfected. To disinfect, wash the tool with soapy water, then wipe down the blades with rubbing alcohol. Cut 6? of a branch tip off the plant. Strip away the leaves from the lower 4? of the cuttings.

Cleaning Pruners for plant propagation

If the leaves are large, cut the remaining leaves in half to conserve moisture while the roots develop. Wrap cuttings in moist paper towels or newspaper immediately after harvest and keep them cool spot 11x11 popup gazebo tent instant with mosquito netting outdoor gazebo canopy shelter with 121 square feet of shade beige_700053 until they are planted. Ideally, you should plant them within 24 hours.

How to Plant the Hydrangea Cuttings

Apply  to the lower 4? of the hydrangea cuttings and insert them into containers filled with good potting soil.

ingredients can vary, often including a mix of organic and mineral materials. Common ingredients include peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, river sand, aged tree bark, and compost. The mixture should be of a medium-coarse texture that retains moisture while allowing excess water to drain away.

You can use your own soil blocks and seed starting mix as well ? . After planting, water and cover the cuttings with a humidity tent out of a plastic zip bag or plastic wrap to preserve moisture.

planting hydrangea for plant propagation

Hydrangea Propagation Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Root Hydrangea Cuttings in Water?

While you can root hydrangeas in water, the success rate is much lower. For better results, it?s best to root your hydrangea cuttings directly into soil.

How Long Does it Take Hydrangea Cuttings to Root?

Rooting time varies by temperature and humidity levels, anywhere from 2-3 weeks. If you slightly tug on the cutting and it resists, it has rooted. There is no need to fertilize at this point. Keep soil moist and humidity high until new growth begins to emerge.

Can You Pinch Out Hydrangea Cuttings?

The first couple of years of your hydrangea are essential. To make a rounder, bushier plant, you will want to pinch your hydrangea. Whenever you cut off the tip of a plant, you get double the branches. As your hydrangea gets bigger, keep pinching an inch or two of growth to every new branch.

Repeat this during the first year or two of growing. Afterward, you will want to leave it so the plant can flower.

How do You Make Hydrangeas Blue?

It?s all in the soil! A simple soil hack can change the colour of your hydrangea to blue or pink. Check out my guide on .

purple hydrangea stalk

When Can I Transplant My Hydrangea Cuttings?

When there is new growth, gradually reduce humidity to ambient conditions and let the soil dry somewhat between waterings. Begin fertilizing at this stage.

After new leaves emerge, the young clone may be planted in a larger pot or taken to its permanent home.

Knowing how to propagate hydrangea from cuttings is a valuable skill to have as your garden expands. It can save you money in the long run and fill your garden with beautiful flowers well into the fall.

More About Growing Plants:

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Adding lighting to landscaping can showcase plants in a new way, illuminate a pathway, or just create a warm glow. Here are a few outdoor lighting ideas to use throughout the year.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for the Garden

Part of the joy of gardening is creating a serene place where I can go to relax and recharge. If you believe the garden is a daytime-only spot, think again! I have spent many a relaxing evening in my garden enjoying a fresh cup of herbal tea.

Of course, ambiance is everything. With a little ingenuity and a few of the outdoor light ideas from the list below, you can create a beautiful space in any yard ready to be enjoyed around the clock.

Outdoor Solar Lights

Garden Lights

Easy to install, add a delicate ambiance to your garden at night by softly lighting pathways or highlighting areas of the garden. Simply place them in the ground and let the sun do the rest of the work!

solar garden pathway lights

Hanging Solar Lights

Sometimes you want something a little special to stand out in the garden! Ornamental look just as good during the day as they do when lit up at night. Place them throughout your garden or walkways as a simple way to dress up the area.

hanging solar lights

Tulip Lights

These tulip lights are a thrifty way to spice up the garden using recycled water bottles! If you?re looking to decorate for a special event, this is an inexpensive and beautiful way to do so. See some inspiring photos and instructions on how to make them

tulip shaped lights in a garden

Outdoor String Lights

Overhead Patio Lights

String lights aren?t just for December. Drape over your patio to create a cozy and romantic setting for your outdoor eating area. You and your guests will be able to hang out comfortably all night long underneath.

overhead patio lights

Birdcage Lantern

Let the birds fly free and fill a pretty birdcage with string lights. For this project I used . I can leave it out in the garden and not worry about the rain getting the lights wet.

A string of would also work beautifully as long as you set the charger out in the sun during the daytime.

birdcage outdoor garden light with warm white string lights

Wraparound Tree

If you have some large and old trees in your backyard, wrapping around the trunks can create a gorgeous effect. Use or a warm yellow so it remains in style all year long!

white outdoor string lights

Outdoor Wall Lights

Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars can be hung from walls or a tree to create a simple, yet effective lighting setup. It emits a small light that is a perfect finishing touch for your outdoor lighting scene. Creating your own mason jar lights is easy or you can for a good price.

hanging mason jar light

Wall String Lights

Patio lights don?t have to be strung overhead. can also be draped across the wall, along the fence, or between posts to create an enchanting feel of all-encompassing light.

patio bulb lights

Porch Light

I love the look of a classic porch light. It is an outdoor lighting trend that will never go out of style! If you already have a , new ones are easier to install and a great way to freshen up your outdoor space.

warm porch light

Coloured Accent Lights

One light turned in the right direction can make all the difference. If you have a large empty wall or fence, can be a simple yet fun way to liven up the space.

coloured accent lights on fence

Outdoor Post Lights

Solar Chandelier

Chandeliers don?t always have to hang high above in the center of a space. They also work well attached to an outdoor post or wall, jutting out to provide a guiding light or a hint of sparkle to the night. Find the full instructions on how to make your own version of this solar chandelier in my book, .

outdoor post lighting

Pathway Lights

If you have a pathway leading up to the house or a garden walkway, why not illuminate the way with ? Not only will guests be able to move around easily, but you can also highlight stunning garden beds or hardscaping along the way. Buy shorter outdoor post lights so the focus is closer to the ground.

pathway lights in a garden

Outdoor Smart Lights

Automatic Accent Lights

I added lights to my and I love how it continues to show off the cascading water even when it?s dark. Highlight features of the garden or create a canopy of light above with . It?s a welcome treat to come home to late at night!

lit up water feature in a garden

Orb Lights

These may be the most fun outdoor lighting product you can buy. Depending on what you?re looking for, you can find orb lights that are or powered by smart lights. You can also find those that are  to light up pools at night.

3 orb lights on grass

Overhead Patio Chandelier

Using a in a chandelier will allow you to adjust the intensity and overall glow of the light. After all, just the right lighting can create the perfect mood for the night! Simply adjust the lighting right from your phone or smart speaker.

overhead patio light

DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Simple Solar Chandelier

This was made from just three materials, which you very well may already have! Using solar lights is always a bonus because I don?t have to worry about turning them off and on, any running cords, or higher electrical bills. Plus, it keeps my garden eco-friendly.

Citronella Candles

pull double duty by creating an ambiance for guests while warding off pests. Set cans around the perimeter of the entertaining area and enjoy a mosquito-free evening. They are easy to make, whether that?s with tin cans or terracotta pots.

Candle Planter

This simple but stunning takes a few minutes to make and feels right at home during the summertime. Use it as a centerpiece or nestle it right in the garden ? it will emit a beautiful summer glow. Plus, it?s easy to put together.

Terracotta Pot Succulent Centerpiece

You can make this with only a few easy-to-source materials. If you have an outdoor seating or dining area in someplace hot, most container flowers won?t be able to handle the heat. Succulents, however, will thrive as a centerpiece!

Mason Jar Solar Lights

The simple pairing of a Mason jar with is an easy way to add some whimsy and vintage flair to the backyard. Or, create your own set of .

Make Mason Jar Solar Lanterns from vintage mason jars and solar lights - this has full step-by-step instructions

Once you make Mason jar lights, you can dress them up! These are full of beach glass and shells that reflect light, making them bright and beachy!

Hanging Candle Planter

I made a gorgeous festive display using leftover greens and a clear glass vase as my centerpiece. Of course, this can be done any time of year using whatever flowers and hanging baskets are in season. For more detailed instructions on this project, check out my book

Hanging candle planter for the holidays

Indoor Lighting Outdoors

Who says floor lamps have to stay inside? This project uses a hanging pendant and a tree branch to create a gorgeous lamp you could very well find inside. Check out how I crafted my own and how you can make one yourself.

Looking for more great outdoor lighting ideas? Check out my full of DIY ideas. Be sure to give it a follow to keep up to date with the latest trends and ideas.

For More Outdoor Decor Inspiration: 


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Giving flowers is a thoughtful sentiment but are you certain you are sending the right message? Learn about flower meaning and symbolism to personalize your gift. Your resulting bouquet will be full of heartfelt meaning and maybe even a secret message. 

Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Flower meanings

Send an ?I love you? with red roses, ?good luck? with hibiscus flowers, or a ?you?re a great friend? with chrysanthemums. Or combine colours to share a truly heartfelt bouquet. If you received a flower bouquet, then read on to unlock the meaning behind your bouquet!

Lotus Flower Meaning

The lotus flower grows in mud away from sunlight. Eventually, it blossoms into one of the world?s most sought-after flowers. It represents purity, enlightenment, and rebirth. Highly regarded in eastern culture, blossoming from mud can reflect the human journey and perseverance.

Lily Flower

With so many colours, each lily can tell a different story. Overall, lilies represent fertility and purity. White lilies are common for memorial services, representing the rebirth of the soul while orange lilies emit positivity and warmth based on their bright colour.

pink lilies hanging upside down

Daisy Flower

When I picture daisies, I see a child?s favourite flower, picking them and weaving them into flower crowns. The daisy flower represents innocence and new beginnings. If you send daisies to a friend, you are gifting them youthful spirit and a symbol of hope.

shasta daisy in bloom

Peony Flower Meaning

Never shy, is a vibrant and lush flower. Popular with many brides and bouquets, it represents romance and love. In China, the peony is the national flower and represents richness, honour, and ultimate beauty.

Red and light pink peony bouquet

Poppy Flower

Known for its edible and medicinal properties, the can mean many things to different cultures. Most notably, it is a flower of remembrance for those lost in World War I and II. And due to its sedative effects, poppies are also linked to a restful sleep.

california poppies blooming

Iris Flower

The inspiration behind the fleur-de-lis, and the symbol of the royal family of France, the iris is known well as a regal flower. It symbolizes royalty, power, and valor. The name comes from the Greek goddess, Iris, a messenger to the gods who used rainbows as her connection between heaven and earth.

Purple Iris flowers blooming from a vase with rocks

Magnolia Flower Meaning

One of the world?s oldest flowering plants, the magnolia flower has a rich history and significance. Due to their long life span, they represent endurance and long life. They are also renowned for their beauty, a symbol of femininity and gentleness in ancient China.

white magnolias blooming

Carnation Flower Meaning

Carnations are easy to find in most bouquets and for good reason! Their various colours have always been a symbol of love. They are common for weddings, Mother?s Day, and for an easy way to show a partner you love them.

Dahlia Flower

A summer-flowering bulb, the is often used as a birth flower for August. Bold and elegant, dahlias represent grace and the ability to stand out among the others. They symbolize strength in adversity and positive change.

dahlias in vases tucked in a wooden crate

Rose Flower Meaning

The flower of love, we all know the power of a bouquet of roses. The red rose is the ultimate flower to express love for a partner. White roses represent purity and formality. Pink roses are great to say thanks or to show non-romantic love.

Blooming roses

Gladiolus Flower

If you?re looking for a powerful flower, the gladiolus is a good choice. Its name comes from the Latin word gladius which means sword. They were the flower of gladiators and their stately, sword-like appearance symbolizes power, stregnth, and integrity to this day.

purple Gladiolus flower

Hibiscus Flower

A symbol of the tropics, the hibiscus is considered a very feminine flower. In China, the beauty of the hibiscus was considered fleeting and symbolized the short nature of glory and fame for men and women. Gifting the flower means you wish them future success.

Orchid Flower Meaning

Named after the Greek word for testicle, orkhis, often represent fertility and sexuality. In China, they are regarded as a symbol of integrity and elegance. Regardless of their symbolism, they are a popular flower to gift and use for special occasions.

pink orchid on a window ledge

Aster Flower

A daisy-like flower, the aster name comes from the Greek word for star due it?s its shape. Considered sacred to the gods, the aster symbolizes faith, love, patience, and wisdom. In France, asters laid on the graves of soldiers said how the giver wished things ended differently.

purple aster flower meaning

Marigold Flower Meaning

Due to their bright, warm colours, the marigold flowers symbolize the beauty of the sun and optimism. This bloom was also commonly offered as a sacrifice to the gods in many religions and embodies the power of resurrection. Marigolds also represent grieving and remembering the dead during the Victorian era and in Mexican culture during Dia de Muertos.


Anemone Flower

The anemone flower has polar opposite meanings depending on where you are. In China and Egypt, it was considered a symbol of illness and is bad luck in many eastern cultures. However, the West views it as protection against evil. In Greek culture, it represents both the arrival of spring breezes and the loss of a loved one.

Anemone de Caen - 'Mr. Fokker' blue

Camellia Flower

A messenger of spring, the camellia has many positive connotations. With bright blooms, it symbolizes desire, perfection, and faithfulness. In Japan, it represents the divine and China regards it as a symbolism of young daughters and sons.

Chrysanthemum Flower Meaning

Blooming in the fall, the is a cheery reminder that beauty continues beyond the summer. It is a powerful symbol of friendship, support, and cheerfulness, making for a popular cut flower for gifting. Wish those in your life well with a chrysanthemum flower.

Deep Red Fall Mums

Flower Colour Meanings

Dejan Kristan joins us today from Flowers Canada (Ontario) to share some of the reasons why we should Pick Ontario. is a campaign developed by Flowers Canada (Ontario) to raise awareness, interest, and demand for Ontario-grown cut flowers and potted plants. I?ll be quoting Dejan for some flower colour meanings!


The symbol of love and passion, gifting a bouquet of red flowers will tell someone you care about them?maybe more than a friend! Dejan says, ?With a colour the same as the heart, red means seduction, desire, and passion. Try red roses, red gerbera daisies, or red tulips.?

red amaryllis to represent red flower meanings


Another romantic flower, pink has a softer, more innocent side. Pink flowers can show a gentler, perhaps non-romantic love for someone else. According to Dejan, ?Pink flowers can also indicate appreciation, joy, and happiness. Try pink ranunculus, calla lilies, or potted azaleas.

pink ranunculus

Yellow (and the Infamous Yellow Rose Meaning)

Yellow represents harmony, kindness, and trust. A popular colour for friendship, gift yellow flowers at the workplace, to friends, and at family get-togethers. If you want to let someone know you?re thinking about them, send them yellow flowers such as daffodils, tulips, or chrysanthemums.

There?s more than meets the eye to a yellow rose! Here is what Dejan has to say about it:

?If you have received a single yellow rose, the meaning may be a bit more mysterious. In the Victorian era, a yellow rose was a symbol of jealousy or infidelity. These days a yellow rose simply means friendship, joy, and all things sunny. So don?t fret, unless you were hoping that to be given a passionate red rose, your yellow rose means a budding connection is beginning.?

Narcissus Westward


Bright and cheery, orange flowers always emit warmth and enthusiasm. They make for a wonderful flower for friendship and community, radiating joy and even a touch of adventure. ?Just like a beautiful sunset, these flowers can also convey a message of fiery passion and intense desire. Try orange parrot tulips, gerberas, or Asiatic lilies,? says Dejan.

Orange and yellow tulips


While green flowers are hard to come by, they are sought out for their relation to money and good fortune. They also symbolize youth and health. If you send green flowers to a friend, you are wishing them success and good fortune ahead.

Looking for green flowers? ?Try an arrangement with lots of green ball chrysanthemums, or give a lucky houseplant such as jade or pachira,? says Dejan.


The colour of royalty, purple demands respect and has an air of elegance. Also considered romantic, purple flowers showcase charm and fascination. Dejan agrees, saying, ?These can express feelings of love at first sight and say ?I admire and adore you.? Try purple iris, campanula, or an elegant potted orchid.?

purple lilac flowers with white border


Blue flowers imply a long history between a partner. They represent deep trust and intimacy, being used to represent loyalty between two people. Dejan suggests blue hydrangeas or a bouquet of delphinium and muscari.

Want some suggestions about this shade? Check out this post filled with

blue ball hydrangea


Nothing says purity and innocence quite like a white flower. Delicate, this image of innocence translates to new beginnings, being used in weddings and other celebrations. White flowers are very popular in bouquets as they are easy, simple flowers to show someone that they are on your mind.

?If given to a long-term partner, they show you want to move forward and think about marriage,? says Dejan. ?Try white daisies, roses, or gardenias.?

Chamomile in Garden


More History and Folklore About Plants

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